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“The first step towards enlightenment is building yourself a lamp” 

– interim Dalai Lama


 Update Timeline

31 march 2017: New creations

Finished some new projects like a ceiling lamp I designed, fresh cartoons – still saving up – , this Tinkerbench for more easy soldering. and an Arduino powered indoor grow unit:




A taste of a new cartoon – in theme of France where I plan to go next week:


10 november 2016: Picking up production again

Now working on many more cartoons and planning to bundle them together for printing a booklet and self-publishing in limited spread.

Content is now being published in the “lab” section of the website, tracking my activity in brewing and growing among other things!

21 may 2014: My bookcase / nightstand project “Metis” is finished.

I had a lot of fun building it, some clips are available to peek a preview here but I will be taking higher quality photos as well.

If it’s up to me, this is not the last nightstand I will ever make! Wait, that didn’t come out right…


5 may 2014: The monitor mount “Chimæra” is finished and pictures are uploaded.




For a while I have been working on a design to suspend 2 flat screen monitors from the wall. I wanted it to be illuminated from the inside (yes I have a thing for lamps) and to be intricate and attractive aesthetically.

The design tries to stay true to the organic yet geometrical style of my previous prototypes (cf. the ones below).

There have been some setbacks that made me have to repeat a few steps and the materials even came close to getting harmed, but fortunately I managed to salvage everything and find solutions for the multi-stage assembly. The main problem was that I needed an outside to be good looking and hermetically sealed while on the inside being able to connect a strong load-bearing structure to the wall.

Hopefully I can present some explanatory schematics at a later time to show these challenges.

(truth be told, the mount has been ready for about a year but I only just starting updating the site again)

Click here to see a few photos!



Two yet untitled Lamp prototypes are finished!


Actually for Phaedra on the left it has been for quite a little while now, but it was not celebrated or demonstrated properly here. As a preview an edited picture of the new lamp is shown.
More information on Lightshell will be updated as well as better quality images. Right now you can see some initial photos here!

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Project Lightshell



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