A moment to see the process

Last week I moved to Utrecht, where I installed the furniture I had made in preparation. I was like coming home, pairing up with my great friend The Rem. The great atmosphere helped inspire me to finish a track which has to be mastered better, project 3.19 can be checked in the music section.

In the section “design” some photographs will be placed of the objects I made, in the workshop I will demonstrate works in progress showing you the inviting locations to do it. I love working in the garden, and the weather is excellent for it. Noteworthy blueprints for what I make might be added too.

Right now attention for drawing is a little low, probably because I am focused on making music at the moment. If I am very lucky, The Rem will be cooperating with me to produce a video clip for the track I finish. We are looking into proper techniques for this as well as other ways to work together in a creative synergy.
I would love for him to provide speech material and maybe even field recordings to work with, my vision is to get a 45-60 minute live act completely down. Meanwhile his living quarters are transfor-med into a photo studio.

The lighting in my room is not fantastic because I live on the north side, but I hope to remedy that by making wall-illumination. Almost certainly fabric will be used again, but I want to get more playful with curves and intersecting forms. The photo “all I see is geometry” would indicate that my mind is only capable working with polygons. Yes, a nerd am I, but no I immediately reject that label and wish to keep tickling those boundaries. The subtitle of the site has to be honored after all!


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