My funky valentine

Fred was ruim 7 jaar dictator maar als hij eraan dacht dat het morgen Valentijnsdag zou zijn brak hem aan alle kanten, inclusief links, het koude zweet uit.

Hij moest nu behoorlijk last minute een date zien te regelen, anders zou zijn vader – die ook dictator was – hem zeker nog een lange tijd belachelijk maken.

Zou zijn date wel écht van hem houden, om wie hij diep van binnen was, of alleen omdat haar familie met de dood was bedreigd?

Fred besloot daarop zijn horoscoop te raadplegen maar die voorspelde niet veel goeds. Genocide en nog eens genocide.

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De paus schrok wakker uit een gecensureerde seksdroom, sloeg met grof geweld op de snooze-knop, draaide zich nog een keer om en mompelde zachtjes in zichzelf “amen” terwijl het nummer ‘Papi Chulo’ uit Zijn wekkerradio verstomde in de broeierige Vaticaanslucht.

Toen hem voor de tweede keer een happy end ontzegd werd was het niet de wekkerradio maar een officiële pauselijke wekker die Hem wild wakker schudde. Hij riep het Latijns equivalent van “Wakker worden, Excellentie!”, ludiek ingeleid door de meest creatieve godslastering die de paus dat jaar had gehoord.

Wat! Wat was er dan wel zo belangrijk dat het niet tot na elven kon wachten?

“De Chinezen, Uwe Zaligheid!’, piepte de wekker,’…ze hebben met een natuurkundig experiment onomstotelijk bewezen dat dit universum in al zijn Euclidische dimensies net zo spontaan ontstaan is als alle anderen!”

De pauselijke ogen, net nog blooddoorlopen en bijna dichtgelijmd van het slaapzand werden nu groot als de telescoopschotels waarmee de Chinezen hun ontdekking hadden gedaan, en staarden langs de hijgende wekker de oneindigheid in.

“Allemachtig”, fluisterde de paus,’we zijn vrij en waren dat eigenlijk al de godganse tijd…’



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What came first, the chicken or the egg?

The egg actually, technically.

If you accept the premise of a checking, you accept that the chicken evolved from something else and if there even is a point during that process of evolution where you could define one specific creature as the first chicken ever…

… no matter when that point was exactly, before that particular first chicken ever there was an egg, but before that egg there was not a chicken.

So even though the real answer to the real question behind it is ‘something else’, technically the correct answer to the question is: the egg.

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Full Circle (the explanation behind my new prototype design)

The design for the prototype I recently finished that suspends my two computer monitors from the wall is based on a number of mathematical principles:

  1. A circle can be approached as a polygon approaches an infinite number of sides. This is shown in the following image:

    image 1: Polygons

    However, we can never actually reach it, since each side would need to have zero length, which would give us a dot.

  2. Binary numbers can code decimal numbers arithmetically. To do this, we compose a decimal number by powers of 2.
    Here is an example:

    image 2: Binary and Decimal numbers.

    However you count, you always start with 1. Then, just like a computer would count, in my mount design we go to 2 (2-sided – flat) flat screen monitors hanging by arms which are attached to a 4-sided (square) beam. Each side then bifurcates to create the vertices of an octagonal (8-sided) cross section. In the last piece, similar to what is sometimes seen in diamond cuts, the octagon flows into a 16-sided polygon (the hexadecagon).
    At this point, the polygons are almost being perceived as circles.

Finally, the name of the project “Chimæra” comes from the name of a Greek mythical creature that had 2 heads of different animals and a body of a third animal.

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This post is especially for you.

Isn’t it strange that at the same time psychological tests ask you if you think commercials, TV and news papers that you see send messages of personal relevance to you, while on the internet commercial ads that are presented to you are actually fine-tuned based on your browsing history.
Do you suppose we are all getting more schizophrenic by any common measure?

A moment to see the process

Last week I moved to Utrecht, where I installed the furniture I had made in preparation. I was like coming home, pairing up with my great friend The Rem. The great atmosphere helped inspire me to finish a track which has to be mastered better, project 3.19 can be checked in the music section.

In the section “design” some photographs will be placed of the objects I made, in the workshop I will demonstrate works in progress showing you the inviting locations to do it. I love working in the garden, and the weather is excellent for it. Noteworthy blueprints for what I make might be added too.

Right now attention for drawing is a little low, probably because I am focused on making music at the moment. If I am very lucky, The Rem will be cooperating with me to produce a video clip for the track I finish. We are looking into proper techniques for this as well as other ways to work together in a creative synergy.
I would love for him to provide speech material and maybe even field recordings to work with, my vision is to get a 45-60 minute live act completely down. Meanwhile his living quarters are transfor-med into a photo studio.

The lighting in my room is not fantastic because I live on the north side, but I hope to remedy that by making wall-illumination. Almost certainly fabric will be used again, but I want to get more playful with curves and intersecting forms. The photo “all I see is geometry” would indicate that my mind is only capable working with polygons. Yes, a nerd am I, but no I immediately reject that label and wish to keep tickling those boundaries. The subtitle of the site has to be honored after all!

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Stick noise in other people’s business

On the first of may I visited a concert by Tim Hecker and Ben Frost. It was simply incredible! The concert was hosted in the Bimhuis which is an extraordinary venue by any means. When my friends and I (one of which I had only met that evening) arrived, it had just started and the place seemed packed. Everyone was sitting down in pitch dark.
We found a place on the ground somewhere, the drones by Tim Hecker were vibrating through the structure of the compound and animated my spine since I was sitting in half lotus. Everything sounded very far away and I could not help meditating in the blackness, lured into a dissociative hole. The music was beautiful and I was not at all disappointed.
Ben Frost would be more of a question mark for us, some commented that he just might not be that interesting, at least in comparison to the soundscapes virtuously painted by Tim Hecker. The only basis I could go on was perhaps one or two tracks from his website which sounded pale and like a dry sigh compared to what would come next. Admittedly, we had moved a little too close to humongous subwoofers but this experience seemed worth making your eardrums bleed ever so slightly.
The performance was mysterious and raw, definitely filled to the brink with a surprising flow and build-up. Mr Frost was supported by another musician (Ches Smith) who we later learned is part of Ceramic Dog, he was an excellent addition. I was aware of ‘noise’ being a high possibility on the menu, ‘experimental’ seemed to inherent and obvious, though for post-minimalism I was not prepared. I will not be so pretentious as to say I understood what sonic alchemy was being practiced there but we all seemed to be brainwashed and utterly mystified for a good hour afterwards. Very innovative! And very special!

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Berlin (ist ja gut, ne?)

One of the things about my recent visit to the German capitol that became emphatically apparent to me, were the differences between east and west. You see, on the east side a gang named the Bloods rules the streets. They crank schlager and sling bratwurst, while repeatedly chanting ‘westseite!!’. All the way on the other half of town thrive the Crips whose attire is colored blue rather than red. The scene lives mostly on street level, probably because the real estate is mainly grey concrete even if there are colorfully painted cardboard cutout facades slapped onto it.
Throughout the city there is an iron curtain draped along the streets that can easily cost you an hour of sunlight a day if you are near enough. I would highly recommend the semi-opaque foil that grants people privacy in their own home over curtains.
Shopping in Berlin is not that great, walking in a straight line I gradually transitioned from things I did not want to things I could not afford. In any case, it is dangerous to get gang branded without your own knowledge. You might be at peril getting involved in color wars. You do not want to be advertising inadvertently or be subliminally messaged yourself into drinking more ‘weißbier’ than you can handle.
I recommend the zoo. It is an excellent place to observe the exact same animals found in many other zoos around the world. Observing other tourists back to back is obligatory though since it completes the framework of an animal seen in an alien habitat. I was fond of the hogs that competed for territory and the holes they dug while struggling. This is typically German, or so I am told.
Travelling the subways is a pleasure indeed. What better way is there to simulate a bratwurst traversing your intestinal tract? It may smell a little quirky, sometimes sounds of indetermi-nable origin are heard, people excuse themselves and everyone looks the other way. And finally you are grateful when you turn out to exit the right place.

Berlin 1
Berlin 2Berlin 3Berlin 4
Berlin 5

Rittberger Particle

The image used to create the mixed media work “Positron Elegant” below on the left is that of a cloud chamber (or Wilson / bubble chamber). Another example is shown on the right.
As part of experiments in physics a chamber is filled with matter like heated liquid hydrogen, then charged particles are introduced and the liquid is put in a metastable state. When they fly around the chamber, they form the seed for tiny bubbles that expand in size over time.
This way the trajectories can be shown for for instance electrons, and the effect magnetic fields have when they are applied. Opposite particles dance around synchronized in mirroring paths.

Carbonated drinks or a pan of water near boiling point exhibit similar effects if you dance around in them with metal cutlery, scraping the sides. Bubbles always form where they have the most ‘grip’, using static surface forces to begin separation between phases, gas and liquid.

Figure skaters slide over the ice with minimal friction, though if they want to want to launch a successful jump they need to grip tightly at one point to build up momentum before releasing to effervesce their excellence.

Bubble Chamber Visualization

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A lovely day to go away

The sun is finally breaking through. After months of negotiation the rays now fly freely through the crisp air and land softly on my face. Then caress my skin, slap me around a little and leave me with a warm red cheek. I close my eyes, then I close hers as well. Our cores thaw and it becomes obvious by the showing condensation on our foreheads. There is nothing left to do but smile. Her smile is exceptionally beautiful and it makes me feel a wildly tumbling washing machine in my chest. Which is very welcome considering my clothes smell funny.
Her smile becomes mine, then they coincide and are one and the same. The world seems to come to an end…

I need to open my eyes now because I am behind the wheel of a moving car. When I turn my head I see the destruction we left behind. There are mangled crimsonred sheep lying everywhere and the scene is a total loss. Honestly it does not look tidy at all. We come to a stop… there’s not a sound in the air now, it is actually a quite peaceful meadow.
I can’t help but think “I would hate to be the one to have to clean this up”. Then we say goodbye and she waves me off. I’m going for a walk but I do not think I will ever be coming back. I am allergic to dead sheep.

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