Custom Casemods

Around 2006 I did two casemods in the course of perhaps a year or so. For those who do not know a casemod is a modification of a PC casing, housing or outer hull. The term is supposed to include an entire creation of a PC housing as well. This later definition was true in my case (no pun intended).

The first one was inspired by expensive designer PC cases, it worked but failed to be practical and solid. Inside are elements lit by ultraviolet lighting and it has rear ventilation as do most PC cases. In the front two CD/DVD drives are shown on the left side, reminding of a Sony Playstation console. On the right there is an air intake fan and below it the bar of UV light source. Airflow is straight-forward and effective.

The  second one was inspired by the concept of a HTPC (home theatre PC). These casings have a form factor lying down like a desktop PC, however they are meant to look most like an amplifier and to serve as the center of a home theatre. The front shows a built-in disk drive at the top, frontside USB and sound on the left.
The black part has click-buttons for power and reset functions on the left and motherboard power plus hard disk activity shown by LEDs on the right hand side. In the center an LCD screen component is visible, however there was a wiring malfunction that blew the screen. Also, the air intake can be seen laterally.
This casing has superior stability and space for PC components but unfortunately airflow and material heat dispersion were inferior to most modern PC cases, even cheaper models due to the properties of thin metal.
Lessons were learned from both projects and the goal to achieve working systems shown in the designs for the outer hull was achieved both times.

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