Project Phaedra 1.0

Octahedron 1.0

Somewhere approximately around 2005 I wanted a designer standing lamp for my interior. Information on a beautiful one I had seen somewhere could not be found because there was no frame of reference. I also knew that it would have to be spectacularly expensive and I was not planning on spending much at all.

So I designed one myself and built it. Over the years and sustaining multiple small accidents it broke down and when I moved away hardly anything could be salvaged except one part.

Halfway into january of 2011 I decided the project had to be revived and I now try to improve the buil- ding process, design flaws and the finish. One detail for instance is that one layer of off-white fabric still showed the point source of light within, an extra layer of fabric however, will make the light diffuse and homogenized. It will improve the atmosphere but most of all the appearance of the lamp itself. Version two is close to ready! >

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