I would like to make some of my own woodcrafting tools.

To give you an idea: the first one was finished already; it is a mallet (a woodworker’s hammer) made almost entirely by hand Japanese style. Which means there is no glue used, no screws no nails, just wood.
It’s made from Oregon pine, oak and meranti – all of which salvaged. The way it holds together is that the (dark) meranti wedges on top are jammed in between slits which push the oak handle outward inside the tapered hole. This keeps the mallet’s head from falling off. The incredible friction should prevent the wedges from falling out again so actually the friction is the adhesive instead of glue.

Without further ado:

Carpenter's mallet (wooden hammer)

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The next one planned (not sure when) will probably be a marking gauge, also Japanese style. I already made one version but it wasn’t a good enough try.

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