Recipe: Dicey Duck Breast Sicilian pasta sauce

Use the following for a really rich pasta sauce (and yes, my favorite ingredient is fennelseed):

  • diced bacon (not a lot, for the fat)
  • diced duckbreast filet
  • diced baton pur porc sausage
  • diced onion
  • diced [tiny diced] garlic
  • diced olive oil

Fry everything in the fat, then add:

  • diced bell pepper
  • ground red chili pepper
  • ground fennel seed (finocchio)
  • smoked paprika
  • passata
  • } ground up in blender

Use sauce with:

  • barilla pasta
  • parmesan cheese

! Do not add salt and limit amount of meat due to salt limitations from sausage and bacon (and parmesan)

typical recipes may need sauce to be diluted, with water and passata (and if necessary the bell pepper)

*Based on a pasta sauce recipe which for me originated on Sicily while on camping vacation with my friend <3

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