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Update July 16th 2017:

I made master culture slants of Pioppino, Lion’s Mane and Bear’s Head Tooth, saved some agar wedges in eppendorf tubes and started these three species on master grain jars using a wild birdseed mix.
See updated picture gallery below.

The cultures are all running inside of the martha (the grow tent) which is not yet being humidified. If all goes well, no more agar work (petri dishes) is needed for a while as I should be able to preserve my cultures and get to the growing and fruiting. When I get back from France I hope to spawn the grain to bulk substrate (being sawdust / beech chips / bran / gypsum).

Inoculating the grains with agar wedges possibly was not the way to go though, in case this proves to be a poor method I will prepare a liquid culture (LC) of each and inoculate new jars with that just before I go to France.

I fitted the jars with silicone self-healing injection ports and have canules for my syringes which are basically huge gauge needles. That should prevent the LC from clogging up the needle immediately. Also I have a magnetic stirrer (for just one container though), which should prevent the suspended mycelium from being able to form large networks.

Update June 26th 2017:

I have live cultures of the following species:

  • Hericium Erinaceus – Lion’s Mane Mushroom – Pruikzwam
  • Hericium Abietis – Bear’s Head Tooth Mushroom – Geen Nederlandse naam bekend maar lijkt op pruikzwam
  • Ganoderma Sessile – Relative of Reishi / Lingzhi, a medicinal mushroom
  • Agrocybe Aegerita – Pioppino / Black poplar mushroom – Populieren Leemhoed (Culinary)
  • Pleurotus Ostreatus – Blue Oyster Mushroom (this is a clone from a store bought mushroom so relatively unfit to grow)

These are pictures of my experiments, currently I am focusing on Bear’s Head Tooth mushroom (and Lion’s Mane):

May 2017

My martha is now mostly set up at home and I am preparing to start growing mushrooms again!  My main focus is Hericium species (Lion’s Mane, possibly also Bear’s Head), of which I will be receiving a live culture from someone in Belgium.
Meanwhile I might try to clone a King Oyster if I can buy it on the market when I get back from France.

I only have to fit the martha with it’s HEPA filter and hook up the ventilation and power source. Also I need another humidifier since the first one, which I fixed since it didn’t work when I bought it second-hand, is now keeping the lower level of my indoor garden humid!

As I enjoy both mushroom hunting out in the wild (preferably with friends / my dad) as well as cultivating my own mushrooms, those will be covered separately. Go here for mushroom hunting:


This is my martha below, right now I am too busy to get started on something new, but I would really like to grow either Lion’s Mane mushrooms – Hericium erinaceus – (‘pruikzwam’, which should taste like lobster and is medicinal), or King Oyster mushrooms – Pleurotus Eryngii – (‘koningsoesterzwam’, which is just very tasty!).




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