Plant nursery

Subject of interest are:

  • Succulents and cacti, more specifically:
  • Hybrids
  • Cloning & Grafting
  • Mutants
  • Using hormones to influence growth patterns, induce e.g. pupping and hopefully mutant growth
  • Toxicology and bioactivity

The indoor garden / growhouse Project eDen is finished, and I have added pictures to the Nursery photo gallery.

Among other things I am growing:

  • Baobab bonsai (I don’t do traditional bonsai)
  • Datura ssp. ☠ (antimicrobial potential for agar medium)
  • Brugmansia Arborea ☠  (antimicrobial potential for agar medium)
  • Avocado bonsai (non-traditional)
  • Moringa Olifeira, Moringa Stenopetala, Moringa Droughardi 
  • Madame Jeanette peppers  🍴
  • Salvia Divinorum
  • Madagascar Jewel and other Euphorbia
  • Croatian Olive
  • Pereskiopsis Spathulata for grafting Lophophora species
  • Cactus species such as Matucana Madisoniorum
  • Cherry Tomato 🍴
  • Herbs 🍴 (Oregano, Chianti Basil, Thai Basil, Lemon Basil, Dill, Cilantro, Garlic)


My Arduino-powered automated grow habitat is under construction as we speak – the foundations are nearly finished. I decided I will probably resell my LED panels and build my own ones.

This is the work  in process (the foundation):

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