My pages – Showcasing a gallery with better overview of my work in design – My personal Facebook page (stand by for Zwonko page) – Soundcloud featuring my piano work – Soundcloud featuring my piano work focused on J.S. Bach – Soundcloud featuring my experimental electronica productions

Cartoons – ‘gag’ cartoons, tip! – absurdist cartoons, tip! – artistic cartoons on conflicts – absurdist cartoons – commenting on current events – blatant cynicism – math, physics & technical / geek humor – literal / semantic humor

‘Some people’ by Mumbling Idiot – a single, deep and beautiful, cartoon (short ‘story’)  – see ‘profiles in confusion’


Fine Arts

Psychedelic Posters by Lando Jones

Exotic Lamps by Calabarte


Trolling Art – David Thorne



IDM music:

Wisp Archive

IDM Trade


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