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Please use the menu to find music that I made myself playing the piano or by producing digitally and also tracks that are among my favorites, linked to and embedded from youtube. Additionally, below you will find my latest special recommendations.


Updated 11 nov 2011

This track was taken from Secede’s liveset in Lab30, the title is unknown and I am also not certain if this is by Secede himself. Whatever it is, it puts a smile on my face.
If you like it, I think you will also like this track: Secede – Friday Fall


The collective label CD “Emerging Organisms vol 4” is available on Tympanik, with such artists as Dryft, Stendeck, Architect and Hecq.
Hecq has an entirely new album with a blend of post-industrial and dubstep. It’s easy to get tired of dubstep nowadays but there is a sort of craftsmanship in the sound synthesis that is admirable. The balance between complex, fat, harsh and enticing is really something I can appreciate.

One track from his album is Hecq – Pulverized. It may not start very special but I think the melody kicking in at 2:18 is cool and the DnB-like break at 2:58 is also something else.


This track below is on Emerging Organisms 4 and its probably the best one on it, I came to agree on that with a friend who had independently drawn a similar conclusion.
“Kilowatts – Transmogrifier”


This production has some novelty to it, it is likened to Apparat. Try it…
“Floex – Ursa Major”


Brilliant deep sound, interesting production – the album by Kangding Ray is worth checking out

Kangding Ray – OR


Kettel is magic, even after years I consider him my favorite electronica artist

Momotaro jam by kettel

Not a new one but a great song nonetheless! :

The XX – Intro (HD available)

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