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21 may 2014: New ambient IDM work produced under ‘Ambit’ moniker

After some experimenting with post-industrial and glitch, I’ve decided to make calmer and piano-oriented music. Below you can listen to a soundclip called “Herons for llama”, and a track called “Nothing” was already hosted on Soundcloud by me before I had really finished properly. I plan on posting that later when it is less half-arsed!








Find information here about my electronic music productions. Types of sounds I am experimenting with are: Post-Industrial, IDM, Ambient, Experimental.

I use Ableton Live 8 and an M-Audio Radium 61 MIDI device.

Update: The remix I planned on doing on Alva Noto & Sakamoto – Reverso is well underway, probably past 80% finished now! Hopefully soon I will be satisfied and share it here. Stay tuned…


I made a track in honor of my mother who donated an organ. It seemed only fair to donate a synthesizer myself. A preview to the track can be heard below, the title was originally going to be Vita ex Renibus but I decided against it. Now it will probably the translation. The track is far too long right now and has a disappointing buildup. Another plan is to master the opening track “Thingemabob” in the liveset below as a single song. I will also look into using the setup from “A certain Je ne sais quoi” to compose a second track as it’s twin, B-side or – God unwilling – a ripoff. (At this moment I have not yet invested time in turning the work in progress into a rounded endresult).
And mostly for my own to-do list: experimenting with new sounds as well as producing tracks in a very similar style to tracks I have already done. Then there’s still the great Kettel whose tracks I would love to remix.

The first track in it’s final stage is “Solipsis – A certain Je ne sais quoi:



This liveset features some of my initially produced tracks, it absolutely is a work in progress.

IDM / Post Industrial Live Act, Project 3.12 [average quality – smaller file]
IDM / Post Industrial Live Act, Project 3.12 [high quality – fast internet connection]

Soundcloud will be up later:



“Life by virtue of kidney (Whoomb)” preview

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