Piano Recordings


Hopefully you will enjoy some of the pieces that I have been working on

J.S. Bach – “Das Wohltemperierte Klavier I – Fuga 8 in es/dis” (BWV853)

J.S. Bach – “Die Kunst der Fuge: Contrapunctus I” (BWV1080)

J.S. Bach – “Aria Variata alla maniera Italiana: Var X ” (BWV989)

J.S. Bach – “Das Wohltemperierte Klavier I – Prelude 23 in H (B major)” (BWV868)

François Couperin – “Les Barricades Mystérieuses”

J.S. Bach – “Aria mit verschiedenen veränderungen”  / the Goldberg Variations (BWV988)

Frédéric Chopin – “24 Preludes opus 28: #4 in E minor”

Erik Satie – “Gnossiënne no. 6” (Improvised Variation)

Counting Crows – “Colorblind” (Improvised Variation)

Jop Fussel – “Improv 2507”

Older material 

Below there are about 5 tracks to share, please consider that this is recorded freehand, I will try to find out which qualify and which ones do not.

I’m generally OK with most posted below, but there is one bit I stand behind more and that is
“Improvised Track #2”, if you want to listen only one I suggest you try that.

You see I distinguish between improvisation clips and ‘tracks’. To call it a track I think that at
least some sort of recurrent theme and proper buildup should be recognizable.

Since I had to set the portable camera down myself the video angle does not always make sense,
video quality is toned down anyway since it is not that important. Audio is though.

“Improvisation #2” (june 15, 2011) 10.0 MB

“Improvisation #3” (june 15, 2011) 7.0 MB

“Improvised Track #1” (june 15, 2011) 5.6 MB

“Improvised Track #2” (june 15, 2011) 8.3 MB

Sometimes I fail of course and for some reason cannot recover. Like here:

“Improvisation #1” (june 15, 2011) 2.7 MB

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