Stick noise in other people’s business

On the first of may I visited a concert by Tim Hecker and Ben Frost. It was simply incredible! The concert was hosted in the Bimhuis which is an extraordinary venue by any means. When my friends and I (one of which I had only met that evening) arrived, it had just started and the place seemed packed. Everyone was sitting down in pitch dark.
We found a place on the ground somewhere, the drones by Tim Hecker were vibrating through the structure of the compound and animated my spine since I was sitting in half lotus. Everything sounded very far away and I could not help meditating in the blackness, lured into a dissociative hole. The music was beautiful and I was not at all disappointed.
Ben Frost would be more of a question mark for us, some commented that he just might not be that interesting, at least in comparison to the soundscapes virtuously painted by Tim Hecker. The only basis I could go on was perhaps one or two tracks from his website which sounded pale and like a dry sigh compared to what would come next. Admittedly, we had moved a little too close to humongous subwoofers but this experience seemed worth making your eardrums bleed ever so slightly.
The performance was mysterious and raw, definitely filled to the brink with a surprising flow and build-up. Mr Frost was supported by another musician (Ches Smith) who we later learned is part of Ceramic Dog, he was an excellent addition. I was aware of ‘noise’ being a high possibility on the menu, ‘experimental’ seemed to inherent and obvious, though for post-minimalism I was not prepared. I will not be so pretentious as to say I understood what sonic alchemy was being practiced there but we all seemed to be brainwashed and utterly mystified for a good hour afterwards. Very innovative! And very special!

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